Tax Plan Enterprise With Tax Prep

$472/mo (12 months of payments)

OR Prepayment Discount $7,800/yr (SAVE 10%)

Kevin O'Leary cares about your success, and so he's asked us to give you a special offer that will help you with your business’ cash-flow. Instead of paying the whole upfront cost of the year, we're offering 12 easy payments (only the first month due now). Or if you prefer, you can pay for the year now and receive a discount.

Included in your package are six tax filings (up to $1 million in revenue) from the following list:

  • 1040 (Personal)
  • Schedule C (Single Member LLC)
  • Schedule E (Rentals and Royalties)
  • 1065 (Partnerships)
  • 1120 (Corporations)
  • 1120S (S-Corporation)

In addition to your tax filing you will be provided with:

  • Bonus: Access to Kevin O’Leary’s “Small Business Outlook” virtual events
  • Monthly email training
  • Access to our members online educational tools
  • Quarterly estimated payments if applicable
  • Unlimited tax consulting services IRS audit protection
  • Discounted rates on all future tax services (active monthly subscription required)

Your team of professionals will be there to support you and give you the peace of mind you need so you can focus on your business. As a valued client here are just some of the ways we will make sure your needs are met.

  1. Team of Professionals- You will be assigned a team of professionals to meet your needs. To ensure that your team understands your scope of work and can give you the type of support you need, we will assign your team once you begin to counsel with us regarding your needs.
  2. Tax Planning- Planning is a critical piece of keeping dollars in your pocket. Your team will work to not only make sure that your taxes are done correctly, they will work with you to build out the right plan during the year to ensure your success at tax time.
  3. Tax Preparation- Once the proper plan is executed your team will spend as much time as needed on your return to make sure that every opportunity to save dollars is taken advantage. We won’t do your taxes on an assembly line; we will give you the time and attention your business deserves.
  4. Last Year Review- Great tax prep starts with looking at what you have done in the past. Your team will review your last tax return when doing your taxes to understand what needs to be done moving forward and to make any recommendations regarding potential savings through amending past returns.
  5. Unlimited Tax Consulting- Part of every plan includes access to your team without the worry of mounting accounting fees. Your plan will include unlimited access to your team of professionals, and we won’t bill you hourly for their time. Let us be the partner you deserve, call in or email to take advantage of this incredible resource as often as you need.
  6. Legal Structure Review- The type of business structure you have can dramatically impact your tax bill. Your team will review the different options available and help you understand the right tax structure for you based on your personal needs.
  7. Deferred Savings Structure- There are a myriad of deferred saving structures available to business owners. Your team will help you understand how these savings structures can be used as part of a strategic tax plan, helping you make better financial decision.
  8. IRS Audit Response- You can sleep at night knowing that as an active client we stand by our work. If you receive any communication from the IRS simply get in touch with your team and let us handle the stress of communicating with the IRS.