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The key to successfully navigating business taxes is always proper planning. Too many people talk to an accountant once or twice a year and somehow believe that those few conversations are enough. Taxes are like a basketball game. You can play and make adjustments to your plan during the whole game. Great teams consistently evaluate their plan and adjust accordingly. The issue is that just like a basketball game, once the buzzer goes off the game is over. Once the end of the year hits it becomes very difficult if not impossible to make in-game adjustments.

In the tax game, there are 4 players: congress, you, your business, and the IRS and all impact the game plan we must execute. Part of any relationship with our team of tax professionals is that we don’t just do your taxes at the end of the year, we provide training throughout the year to help you make the appropriate adjustments. Your accountant will come to know your business and customize a plan with you to ensure that you are able to keep the maximum dollars in your pocket that the tax code allows.

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