Debbie H.
Security Home Mortgage
“There are so many different topics that any business owner could benefit from.”
Randall M.
“It’s worth the investment of your time and the money is irrelevant compared to the value you are going to get by attending an event like this.”
Brendon C.
“It’s really opened up my eyes to ways I can expand and get my name out there with my business, make connections and take my marketing to the next level.”
Tamlynn C.
Advanced Bodywork & Massage and Bodywork Education
“You’re going to find parts of the program that really speak to you and really feel relevant to the space you’re in at the moment.”
“It’s everything under one roof that will help you build your business and your brand”
Kevin M.
The Restaurant Broker
“If you have a business and you need help with anything from marketing to networking or anything in between it is definitely worth the time and the money.”
Brandon B.
800 Mindset
“The knowledge and the things I got from here were truly invaluable. If you really take in the information and you really take notes and review that stuff it’s going to be amazing.”
Jeremy L.
Senior benefits specialist
“You walk away with a lot of information and some great ideas to implement into your business.”
“It inspired me to look at my business in a different way to recognize some of the things I could do a whole lot better.”
Junius B.
NU LIFE Veterans
“If you need a one stop shop to get your business to the next level, business accelerator is the conference you to be at in your next event.”
Fitness Nutrition Coach
“This has been one the most clear and informative workshops I have ever been to.”
“This is something you absolutely need to do for yourself as a person, but even more so as a professional.”
Jim C.
Wellness Spa Owner
“The knowledge and the insight that you gain from listening to all these different perspectives from all the different sectors of a business. They did a really great job of digging deep into some of the tools that can enhance your productivity and success.”
Jennifer G.
Organize Joy
“It was phenomenal. We learned so much great information. I have so many things to go home and implement, and teach our team.”
Tommy L.
East Coast Martial Arts
“The speakers are very knowledgeable and in tune to what we are looking for.”
Nick P.
Financial Planner
“It’s been pretty ground breaking there have been some pretty electric speakers out here. The connections I’m making are lifelong connections.”
Susan W.
“I’ve loved it, because it’s been a very comprehensive solution for me to form my company correctly,... to branding of my business to marketing”
Nick D.
Radio Active Collections
“The networking is phenomenal. It’s more personal. You can ask questions that apply to your specific area of expertise.”
Holly C.
Santosa Delivery
“I am armed and ready to grow my business. I have more confidence, more energy, more partnerships.”
Janet G.
Color Street
“It is fabulous. You will move your business forward. You’re going to go home with so much knowledge and information. You will not regret it. It was wonderful.”
Lane D.
“They teach you ways to not only scale your business, but also to keep more of your money.”
Igor and Anna
Idea Health USA
“We just loved what we learned and we’re going to take it back and implement it into our business.”
Tonya R.
Smart Head Company
“I didn’t expect the event to be so robust and so thorough and impressive.”
Paula F.
Hand made rugs
“They met every one of my expectations and far exceeded them.”
Melanie C.
Financial Services
“It was full of unexpected content and value”
Denna A.
“Probably one of the most educational things I've done in years.”
Jared and Hailey
Wasatch Moving Company
“It was actually every aspect of business that I found quite helpful, and we have a lot of takeaways from this.”
Bryan F.
Real Estate Brokerage
Rodney H.
Financial Services
Broom and Bear
SJR Courage Councelors