Frequently Asked Questions

Is Kevin O'Leary an owner in Tax Hive?

Yes. Kevin O’Leary has been on-board with Tax Hive as a partner and investor from the beginning. Kevin believes in small business and is an advocate for them. Through our strategic relationship with Kevin we are helping businesses across the nation.

Will you save me money on my business taxes?

We sure hope so. Based on our internal survey, we’ve helped prospective and current business owner clients identify on average over $55,000 in missing or potential tax deductions. Your situation is unique, so we encourage you to work with a tax pro using forward taxation planning to find key areas to optimize and take every eligible deduction.

Can I get support when I need it?

Yes. You’ll get unlimited access to your accountant. We believe it’s very important for you to have year-round access to your remote accountant conveniently and easily. We have no hourly fees. Set up a call or send us a message anytime.

What makes Tax Hive different?

Kevin O’Leary and Tax Hive believe in a year-round, forward-preparing approach to taxation. Meeting with your tax accountant once per year is not enough to maximize your deductions. We’ll share with you our unique strategies on the call.

How much does Tax Hive cost?

We have an upfront pricing structure that you’ll love. We don’t “nickel and dime” you like the other guys. Just one flat yearly cost and never any hourly fees. Your price is based on your unique revenues and number of filings. Get your personalized price on your upcoming call. Click here for pricing details.

Do you service my industry?

Yes. We have experience in every industry and will service your needs for the long-term.

What happens if I am audited?

An audit can be a big disruption for any business, but rest assured, you will get access to tax compliance and audit specialists who have your back. Your tax advisor can take care of communicating with the IRS regarding returns they prepared.

What other services do you offer?

Your business has many needs beyond tax services. We also have solutions for your personal taxes, bookkeeping, entity formation, estate planning, and much more. We believe that an educated business owner makes smarter tax decisions, so we provide ongoing tax code training to all clients. On the call, ask us about other incentives we offer.

Do you have a guarantee?

Yes. We guarantee we can help you find $10,000 in potential or missing deductions or we’ll pay you $100 just for your time*. Your upcoming call is time well spent.