Working remotely due to the coronavirus? This technology from your employer is key


UPDATED TUE, MAR 10 2020 10:54 AM EDT

Daniel Bukszpan

This article is about the ability of corporate VPNs to handle the large volume of work from employees being sent home due to the coronavirus. So, what is a VPN?

It’s a Virtual Private Network. Webopedia defines a VPN as “A virtual private network (VPN) is a network that is constructed using public wires — usually the internet — to connect remote users or regional offices to a company’s private, internal network.”

The private network is secured using encryption and other methods to make sure that only authorized users can log in, and that data can’t be intercepted or corrupted by unauthorized users or spyware.

According to the article, more than 400 million businesses and consumers worldwide use VPNs. It also says that companies like J.P. Morgan Chase and Amazon are sending employees home to work, and there is a concern about whether their VPNs are up to the added traffic.

Because these VPNs use the Internet for connections, spikes in traffic can cause slowdowns and other issues. Suddenly increasing traffic with hundreds of thousands of employees working from home is a concern. Most VPNs were set up for smaller subgroups of employees, not major groups in the company that this situation is causing.

Increased traffic and spikes in use will also affect consumers using the same Internet infrastructure. Some “experts” are suggesting possible complete crashes when the stress on networks becomes too great.

The article goes on to explain the various threats that could surface during the heavy use of VPNs by corporate employees temporarily working from home.

Read the entire article here for more.


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