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Every client receives a customized tax-savings plan.

What is your gross annual revenue? Info



Gross revenue refers to the total sales made by your business. If you’re still unsure, please get as close as you can and we will advise you and adjust during your onboarding meeting.

How many filings do you need per year? Info



The number of tax filings you’ll need will depend on your unique circumstances. At a minimum, you will need two, both a personal and business tax filing. If you own more than one business entity, have a rental property or receive royalties you may require additional filings. When you meet with one of our tax professionals you can choose from the following filings based on the number you need: 1040 (Personal), Schedule C (Single Member LLC), Schedule E (Rentals and Royalties), 1065 (Partnerships), 1120 (Corporations), and 1120S (S-Corporation). If you are unsure on how many filings you need, just choose two and we will advise you and adjust during your onboarding meeting.

Plans Include:

  • Comprehensive Tax Plan
  • Projected Tax Savings
  • Tax Strategy Implementation Instructions
  • Tax Preperation
  • Ongoing Tax Plan Education
  • Access to Interactive "Ask a Tax Pro a Question" Trainings
  • Tax Audit Response
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