Tax Savings Transparency

We are committed to ensuring there is transparency in our business and in our approach to everything we do. We’ve provided the following statistics regarding our Business Optimization Blueprint and our Strategic Tax Plan for your review.

What is the difference between the Strategic Tax Saving Plan and the Business Optimization Blueprint?

The Business Optimization Blueprint is a limited self-assessment designed to help you identify missing potential tax deductions. The result of the blueprint contains a list of missing potential tax deductions with pre-written answers reviewed and approved by licensed accounting and legal professionals. In 2022, we completed over 25,000 blueprints identifying an average in the tens of thousands per blueprint. In contrast, the Strategic Tax Plan is a comprehensive, strategic roadmap to overall tax savings (not just tax deductions). Our technology and team of experts consider thousands of tax strategy combinations. We review prior tax returns and check against 1,400 federal, state, and local tax deductions, credits, and programs.

What is the Business Optimization Blueprint?

Our free “Business Optimization Blueprint” is a self-assessment designed to help you identify missing potential tax deductions. Each blueprint is customized based on self-reported answers to a series of tax-related questions. Blueprints contain automated responses formulated and reviewed by licensed accounting and legal professionals. But since circumstances vary significantly among each taxpayer situation, we don’t advise making any final decisions without first consulting with a competent financial, accounting, or legal professional who is fully aware of your individual circumstances.

Our blueprint identifies missing potential tax deductions – it does not identify tax credits or overall tax savings. A “tax deduction” is not a dollar-for-dollar tax savings figure. A tax deduction is an item of value for which you subtract from your taxable income to lower the amount of taxes you owe. For example, at a 15% tax rate, a $200 tax deduction results in a $30 reduction in your tax bill.

Business Optimization Blueprint Results

Missing Potential
Tax Deductions

What is our Strategic Tax Plan?

Our premium “Strategic Tax Plans” are comprehensive, strategic roadmaps to overall tax savings. Lots of accountants are great with financial reports and basic bookkeeping, and a lot of tax professionals are great at filing your taxes. Sadly, many can’t or won’t give you strategy to follow for maximum tax savings.

Our technology and team of experts consider thousands of tax strategy combinations. Ourtechnology uses your information and previously filed tax returns to check against 1,400federal, state, and local tax deductions and credits. We aim for the most effective tax planningstrategies to maximize deductions, credits, entity structures, retirement planning, healthinsurance, asset protection, economic relief programs like the CARES Act, exit and capital gains,and other advanced strategies. We’ll present the plan with references to federal, state, andlocal tax codes as well as supporting case law. Finally, we’ll include recommendations for eachstrategy and implementation guidance.

Strategic Tax Plan Results

Revenue Ranges
Tax Savings
$0 - $100,000
$100,000 - $350,00
$350,00 - $700,000
$700,000 - $1,100,000
$1,100,000 - $2,200,000
$2,200,000 - $3,000,000
$3,000,000 +
*Disclaimer: Results are from data associated with 2,000+ tax savings plans created in 2022-2023. Actual results from tax savings plans vary based on a variety of factors and taxpayer circumstances, including but not limited to previously applied tax strategies, business revenue and income, tax filing status, and corporate structure. For more information, visit Tax Savings Transparency (